The Different Comparisons Of Citrix Managed Support Plans Or Programs

Choosing the right plansĀ  or programs is a privilege and opportunity. You get to choose the best plans or programs that will best work for you and suit you business ideals in order to achieve your business goals. When choosing the right provider, first it should be:

  • World-class technical and maintenance support. In business sector where competition is tough and every available strategy and opportunity needs to be learned and applied, we don’t settle for a mediocre product and service, thus we only get the best in both manpower and skills. By that, we look for a service provider that that are experts when it comes to technicalities and over all maintenance for our company.
  • Expert guidance. We need real-time guidance who will regularly check our business, if the Citrix Managed SupportĀ  being followed. We need experts to actively respond to this fast-paced environment industry.
  • Active Monitoring. Business owners need experts who will actively monitor our business. Actively monitoring the immediate assistance to clearly see the problem and the risks involved.


  • The Right Plan Or Program

Not every plan or program is the same. Some maybe more complex while some only needsthe basics. These experts will give you assistance on what kind of plan or program your business needed. Different plans or programs means different benefits and features. You have to compare who gives who in order to know what you think would work and what is applicable in your business infrastructure.

Plans and Programs have different pros and cons so it is important to know the company provider and its standing in business world.These are just some of the basic features and benefits you should consider:

  • Access to software updates and upgrades
  • Access to Citrix virtual apps and desktop long term service release
  • Limitless support via phone, web and live chat
  • Best in class severity response
  • Citrix App layering
  • Option for extended support
  • Supportability
  • Installation and configuration assistance
  • Add-on packages