They function like cigars but without the nicotine.

How do you stop smoking using Simple Steps?

The cigarette and the smoker

Smoking can cause a significant threat to the health and life of the smoker. Smoking itself can cause a lot of health problems, but the worst effect of smoking will have its full impact when addiction sets it. You see, smoking one time would not do harm but doing it continuously and regularly will eventually damage the human body. That only happens when addiction sets in.

Because the smoker and cigarette is quite inseparable, the need to quit tobacco free becomes urgent, considering the high tobacco threat to everyone’s health.

Simple Steps to End Smoking

Smoking, just like anything else can be stopped and will surely come to an end. All you need to find a few switches and knobs to tweak and click and you are on your way.

• Think that you can stop – it all starts and ends in the mind. As long as smoking is still running in your mind, you will not stop smoking, but if you are resolved in your mind that smoking had stopped, then actions will follow.
• Form a different habit – addiction to tobacco is a habit formed over time due to continuous activities. Developing a different habit will somehow divert your smoking habit to another.
• Medical Solutions – there are experts in the medical field that offers medications that will help stop smoking.
• Use Smoking Substitutes – it’s not easy to quit smoking especially if the habit has already formed. One of the best substitutes is using e-cigars.

Stopping is not instant

You should also consider that total freedom from smoking addiction takes time. Patience and perseverance are essential in these particular times. So don’t seek results early. Just set your goals and focus on achieving it and you will reap the rewards.